Creating cross-network solutions for EV charging of 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers

With TelioEV charging solutions, you can charge your EV across a network of charging stations in malls, commercial complexes, restaurants, schools, etc. Economical and convenient, park your vehicle and finish your work or spend time with your family while your vehicle charges

Creating end-to-end EV charging solutions for a wide variety of end-users and partners including Charge Point Operators, Industries and Fleet Owners, to improve charging connectivity for EV Users across the spectrum

Charge Point Operators

Be a part of an eco-friendly business model with significant growth supported by our EV charging network and technologies

Industries and Offices

Increase your fleet efficiency with our
modular & reliable fleet charging solution.

Commercial Fleets

Enjoy Simple, Affordable & Reliable
Charging Experience

Charging Infrastructure Utilization and Efficiency Tracking Simplified with Telio EV

Retail & Hospitality Industry

Retain and attract EV Driving Customers..

Shopping Malls & Parking Plazas

Gain Advantage by Attracting EV Customers.

Govt Municipalities or City Councils

Showcase your climate commitments with our clean, green and sustainable EV Charging solutions

Real Estates

Attract premium customers & Improve brand positioning.


One stop solution for your Smart Parking & EV Charging Experience

Fuel & Gas Stations

Build Brand Loyalty be future ready with our EV Charging Solutions


Showcase your CSR with our EV Charging solution for your employees.


Create unique experience & Service differentiation for your customers

What TELIOEV brings to you in your fleet charging?

Electrify Your EV Charging Experience